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BitmexCopies allows you not only to subscribe to the signals of either of the traders, but also to automatically duplicate their orders, proportionally to the balance of your BitMEX account..

This is a new service that we have just provided to our customers. Currently, with the lowest investment of $ 50, you can pay back after 6 months, and the contract value for 2 years. You can use BTC to sell or trade

We use the trading platform with features associated with major exchanges in the world, you can trade through the signals we provide and have high results. Profit up to 30% / month

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Ojo Omobola Elizzy
User, 20/01/2019
One of the most reliable investment platform have been fortunate to use! I give it a 10/10 in my books...people should stop wasting time with p2p and ....
Tekk Bastion
User, 30/01/2019
Tried it and actually it PAYS! I don't think this platform is FAKE or SCAM! like others have tried so many times, I hope to recover most of my lost mo....