Regulations on withdrawal

We only accept payment via bank account to ensure exchange rates and payment speed
According to current regulations, you can withdraw money up to $ 230 / day. If you have more than 2 F1, you will get cash anytime during the month. Otherwise you will be withdrawn 2 times / 1 month
The minimum amount for withdrawal is 50 $, maximum is 230 $

You must ensure there are at least 3 F1 with the total amount of 3 F1 being over 3k $

Only one withdrawal per day is permitted

When having an error when withdrawing money please send support requests to email: [email protected] for us to handle
Withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours for countries in the Americas, and up to 72 hours for countries in Asia, in addition withdrawals can be up to 7 days depending on the local bank of each nation

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