Notice of changes to user policies

After the process of finding agents in the countries. We have received a lot of comments from users all over the world. Therefore, we will change some policies regarding users who are locked out of their accounts due to violations
1. We accept reuse licenses for existing locked-off accounts under the following conditions: 
- Accept appropriate information changes to avoid current violations
- We will charge an account reopening fee equal to 10% of the total investment value of that account
- Investment period is recalculated from the beginning of the investment day of account opening   
2. The time to open the offending accounts is until October 13, 2019 
3. We accept payment for opening an account via a BTC wallet, and our fixed BTC wallet address is: 31sURbw9TKs412D4XuPccUwqN7FTBsGjt 
4. Accounts that do not unlock violations during this period will be permanently deleted from the system 
If you need assistance please contact us via email: [email protected] 

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